About Us

The story of Micro Solutions Enterprises isn’t all that dissimilar to what one considers the American Dream. MSE starts as an immigration story, really. President and founder Yoel Wazana is an Israeli immigrant who came to America in order to find success. Like so many future entrepreneurs, he started out working for someone else. After stints as a delivery driver, among other jobs, Wazana happened to get interested in printing. Specifically, he became interested in printers themselves and how they function. After fixing a printer at his job over a weekend, ideas for a new business began to form.

In 1991, Wazana did a brief stint as a production manager at a friend’s new company. By 1994, he was interested in branching out on his own and forming his very own business. What eventually became Micro Solutions Enterprises started out as a one man operation that Wazana ran out of his apartment. With the aid of his brother, Ari, Wazana began the process of attempting to improve upon the shoddy aftermarket cartridges sold at the time. After a few years of not knowing whether MSE would be able to survive, the company began to turn a profit as more businesses came to recognize the superiority of their product.

MSE only continued to grow throughout the 2000s. Currently, Micro Solutions Enterprises is a major manufacturing force based in Van Nuys, California. With over 900 employees and customers in over 40 countries, MSE is a leader in American manufacturing.

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